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My own business ideas

My own business ideas



Own company plumber

In college, you are taught that you must study marketing or finance to earn a good living. Yet one of the professions with the best job guarantee in the Netherlands is that of a plumber. Can you literally make anything? Then you can earn a lot more with this for yourself.


Moreover, you have the freedom to work as much or as little as you want. With a van and toolbox, it’s possible to go door to door to help people with clogs or the construction of a bathroom. Grateful work that is much needed in the Netherlands. Keep in mind that most people (including me) cannot do these things themselves. 


What do you need?



The right tools

To be able to plan well

DJ at events

You have those people who can tell the full history of every song. Who know exactly what song goes well with it and how a transition should be made. Then there are those who don’t really care, but still want to treat their guests to a good dance.


A perfect combination is to rent out your music skills to events. You can think of birthdays, weddings or just a house party until the wee hours. With minimal equipment you can keep the whole party in its grip. Enjoy the music and get paid for it too.


What do you need?


Knowledge of music

Music system & DJ set

A feel for the audience and the party


Childcare is very expensive these days I’m told. That means there is a lot of money to be made in babysitting. I used to have an old-fashioned babysitter. Someone who looked after us when our parents were at work. Very nice to get to know someone well in such a way as a child.


If you are good with children and like to keep an eye on them, you can certainly consider a career as a nanny. Just to throw affiliate marketing in again. Bring your laptop and you can also work on your own website while babysitting ;).


What do you need?


A love for children


Flexible in terms of hours

Personal shopper

You don’t make it up, but there are people who don’t want to do the shopping themselves. Do you know a lot about clothes and the latest fashion? Then you can hire yourself as a personal shopper. You talk to your clients about their tastes and needs and then dress them completely.


You get someone else’s debit card and can indulge yourself to your heart’s content. Not everyone has time to wait for a fitting room or to find the right colors together. As a personal shopper, you can do paid shopping and also earn your own clothes together.


What do you need?


The ability to listen to your client’s wishes


Good taste

Keep this in mind: as soon as you register at the KVK you will receive an invoice of € 50. You can include this directly in your bookkeeping. With e-bookkeeper or Informer this is easily arranged.


Catering service

Organizing a wedding or other event is difficult enough. Do you know about food and you know exactly what suits the occasion? Then you can make a living by picking out the bread for someone else.


Take care of your clients completely on their big day. Help them pick out the right meals and make sure they are there on time. You can also take a bus to do the shopping and deliver these to the location. All possibilities for starting your own catering company. 


What do you need?


Good planning skills


Be able to translate your client’s wishes into a good menu


How many times have I had holes in a good pair of pants, it just makes you sad. Reusing and repairing our clothes is all the rage again, so there is a lot of demand for people who can operate a sewing machine. Making a hole in a pair of pants or a cummerbund is a piece of cake for those who know how to do it. Still, for a hole in your pants, you quickly pay one or two tenner to have it properly repaired.


You can start your business as a side job. Just assume that you’ll have something to do fairly often if you’re just casting a line at friends and family. Do you have some references? Then the jobs can quickly add up and so can your bank account.


What do you need?


The right material

Eye for detail

Fast repair time



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