NBA Live Mobile – How many of these packs have you opened yet

Flashbacks are a new type of NBA Live Mobile packs available from the store in exchange for reputation, NBA cash, the NBA Live Mobile Coins and real money.

During the Flashbacks program, NBA Live Mobile players have access to special packs from the store. Here are the individual packs and bundles along with their price and contents.

A Flashback pack costs 30,000 reputation and 300 NBA cash. When opening this pack, players will receive three items that have silver quality or better and a player that is at least gold quality. The pack also contains one Flashback token. There is a chance of the pack dropping 91 OVR Carter and Hardaway. The NBA Flashback Pack can be bought for 50,000 reputation and 500 NBA cash. The contents of the pack include four items that have silver quality or better, three items of at least gold quality, and two program tokens. This pack also has the chance to drop the two 91 OVR players.

The chances are increased compared to the Flashback pack. The Classic Flashback Pack has the same price as the NBA Flashback Pack. The contents are also the same but the items will be classic instead of NBA. 91 OVR Carter and Hardaway can be obtained from this pack. The Flashback Elite Player pack is bought with local currency. It costs around $12. From this pack, users are guaranteed to obtain one Flashback elite basketball player.

Players can also opt to get a bundle that contains more packs. The Flashback Starter Pack is bought for real money. The price is shown in local currency. It’s around $2.5. This pack contains 200 NBA cash and two Flashback packs. The Flashback Bundle costs 2,000 NBA cash and contains eight Flashback packs. The NBA Flashback bundle contains 12 NBA Flashback packs.

The Time-Warp Bundle is the most expensive item in the Flashbacks category. This bundle can only be acquired for real money and the price is pretty high. Players should be ready to spend around $120 for this bundle. In exchange for their money, they will receive 10 Flashback NBA packs, 10 Flashback Classic packs, one Flashback elite player, and also 2,000 NBA cash. All of these are guaranteed to be in the bundle that also has a chance to drop the two 91 OVR players.
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