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The 411 on Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The basics of Automatic Number Plate Recognition are not all that glamorous, but if you are a traffic management nerd it can be very fascinating. If you are not familiar with what the heck an automatic number plate recognition system even is, here’s a short explanation. This system, ANPR for short, is a technological system which scans number plates from vehicles and it does this with optical character recognition. If you think you can get an ANPR system for nefarious reasons, think again. The automatic number plate recognition system is mainly operated by law enforcement and other businesses or corporations.

What is the system used for?

The organizations and law enforcement that use this system have seen a lot of improvement in their way of working. Without the ANPR system, they would be susceptible to a lot of issues. 

When businesses and organizations use automatic number plate recognition, they typically use it to manage their parking lots as well as use it for security strengthening justifications. Law enforcement, however, uses the ANPR system so their jobs are easier and more efficient to do. One of the classic things they do (because they are allowed to) is collect the number plate data in different locations and save that data in their databases. This information helps them do things such as locate vehicles that have been reported missing or stolen. They can also cross-examine the number plate database with their criminal database to be able to try and locate criminals or keep track of those they cannot catch.

This automated system is very flexible, and thanks to this it is very easy to use in different ways for different purposes. 

How it works 

Made up of a special camera and software system, this technological system is a lot simpler than people think. The camera is in charge of capturing the images, of course, and those images go through an analysis and then the information from them gets pulled. That data can then be kept in a database. The optical character recognition software is what is responsible for pulling the registration plate data out of the pictures.

Now that you know more about the ANPR system, you can have more appreciation for traffic management and how much it’s changed.